Chemistry & Biotechnology Patents

Appropriate acquisition of rights

Needless to say, it is important to protect breakthrough inventions through the acquisition of patent rights. We also believe that it is essential for the rights to inventions in technically mature fields to be skillfully acquired. The procedures involved in acquiring the rights to technologies in the chemical and biological fields vary according to whether the technologies will be used in medicine, cosmetics, food or other technical fields.

LEXIA’s Chemical and Biotechnology Section supports its clients in appropriately acquiring the rights to not only breakthrough inventions, but also inventions in technically mature fields.

Supported fields:
Organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical care, cosmetics, food, agrochemicals, etc.

Patent Related Services Provided by LEXIA

  • Research and Development

    • Creation of patent maps
    • Provision of advice on the direction to be taken in research and development
  • During the Application Filing Stage

    • Discovery of inventions (interview with company employees, in-house seminars for researchers, etc.)
    • Prior art research
    • Filing of applications for patents, utility model patents, etc., in Japan and overseas
    • Examination of comprehensive rights protection, including protection as trade secrets and acquisition of design rights
  • After the Patent Application Filing

    • Response to Office Actions
    • Appeals against decisions by examiners to reject patent applications
    • Litigation for the rescinding of trial decisions
  • After the Acquisition of Patent Rights

    • Opposition filing
    • Invalidation trials
    • Litigation for the rescinding of trial decisions
    • Issuing of warnings to and negotiations with infringers
    • Patent infringement lawsuits
    • Containment measures at customs entry points
    • Advice on rights management approaches

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