Legal Services Customized for Foreign Clients

We are experienced in providing legal services for foreign clients.

One of LEXIA’s strengths is its considerable experience with commercial transactions between foreign companies and Japanese companies and litigation both in Japan and overseas involving foreign companies.

In dealing with commercial transactions, our attorneys explain, in a careful manner, specific ways Japanese companies promote their businesses and make decisions, as well as Japanese companies’ attitude toward taking risks. This will help foreign companies initiate transactions with Japanese companies smoothly and without causing unnecessary misunderstanding. LEXIA has strong awareness of the current speed of global business, and when providing legal services, LEXIA always keeps this speed in mind.

LEXIA also provides assistance for litigation in Japan against Japanese companies, as well as working with Japanese companies to deal with litigation in and outside Japan. Japanese court proceedings are significantly different from those in Western countries. In Japan, there are numerous opportunities to submit claims and many trial dates to appear in court. LEXIA is highly experienced in litigation and can provide strong support to our clients. When a foreign company works together with a Japanese company in lawsuits in and outside Japan, both the foreign company and the Japanese company often face difficulty preparing for the lawsuits due largely to the unfamiliar litigation systems to each other. LEXIA provides support to these companies through collaboration with overseas representatives by, for example, explaining the litigation systems, preparing pleadings and accompanying clients in the examination of witnesses. LEXIA has brought favorable outcomes to our clients in multiple cases.