In-house training support

Importance of in-house training

A company’s development is supported by the proactive creation and use of intellectual property. In order to do achieve this, it is essential that each one of the company’s employees is knowledgeable about the protection of intellectual property and equipped with the legal knowledge required to deploy such intellectual property throughout the world.
It is also necessary to establish an internal system for dispute prevention, as well as to create an appropriate manual for resolving any disputes that the company may face.
Why not take this opportunity to reconsider the importance of in-house training to the advancement of your business?

LEXIA’s in-house training support

LEXIA covers an extensive range of topics in its in-house training seminars, from basic matters for the training of new employees through to the proprietary know-how that it has built up through its experience of specific projects.

Some of our partners and associates teach at universities: Kenji Tachibana, a patent attorney, Iichiro Yamada, an attorney-at-law and patent attorney, and Tsuyoshi Masuda, a patent attorney, teach at a graduate school of Osaka University; Junya Tanaka, a patent attorney, and Koyu Nakamura, an attorney-at-law, teach at Kyoto University (courses at the Department of Management of Technology and Intellectual Property in the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine and at the Kyoto University Law School, respectively); and Hiroki Matsui, a patent attorney, teaches at the Osaka Institute of Technology.
We also hold LEXIA Seminars once every few months.

By leveraging this experience of teaching at universities and holding seminars, we propose in-house training programs that are tailored for your needs.

Lecture fee:

To be determined upon consultation depending on the lecture topic and format.