Intellectual Property Legal Services

Providing legal services related to intellectual property through a collaboration between attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys

Normally, disputes such as an infringement lawsuit over intellectual property are dealt with jointly by a law firm and a patent firm. However, having two firms deal with a single dispute can cause problems, such as an increase in the time and costs incurred due to work duplication and the need to reconcile differences in opinion.

Because LEXIA employs both attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys, it can quickly and efficiently provide clients with exhaustive conclusions reached through immediate, candid discussions between these attorneys.
In addition, since our attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys regularly exchange opinions, when it is deemed necessary, even for transactions and negotiations that have not turned into disputes, we can conduct in-depth technical examinations of cases from multifaceted viewpoints.
In this way, LEXIA provides an enhanced comprehensive range of intellectual property legal services expeditiously and inexpensively through a collaboration between its attorneys-at-law and patent attorneys.

Legal services related to intellectual property

  • General firm

LEXIA's track record since its establishment in 2011

Since its establishment, LEXIA has undertaken many intellectual property litigation and provisional remedy cases, successfully prosecuting a large number of cases as a law firm.
We provide the knowledge we have obtained through our various experiences to our clients at seminars as well as in new cases to be undertaken.

Breakdown by law and lawsuit type (total number of cases)

Patent infringement lawsuits 53 (including 15 overseas cases)
Provisional remedy cases related to patent rights 9
Trademark infringement lawsuits 10
Provisional remedy cases related to trademark rights 3
Design infringement lawsuits 7
Provisional remedy cases related to design rights 2
Copyright infringement lawsuits 2
Unfair competition lawsuits 11
Litigation rescinding a trial decision 37

(as of December 28, 2023)

LEXIA's legal advisory services related to intellectual property

LEXIA offers legal advisory services related to intellectual property (advisory contracts specialized in legal services related to intellectual property).
By limiting our coverage of legal advisory work to services related to intellectual property, we are able to offer advisory fees that are more reasonable than standard legal advisory fees.
Through this service, LEXIA provides support for its client companies' intellectual property sections as a legal service partner and their legal sections as an intellectual property service partner.

Advisory fees 30,000 to 50,000 yen (depending on consultations concerning the company's size and business volume)
Service details Consultation on legal work involving intellectual property
(Please note that the handling of specific cases, such as infringement cases, may be excluded from the advisory contract.)

In addition to the above, we also enter into regular advisory contracts for general corporate legal work.